b'93658656656EPSOM TURF CLUB [MORDIALLOC, VICTORIA]: 1928-29 Ladys Ticket issued to Member No.112 with one Gate Coupon still intact. Grey leather with gold embossing.On 15 June 1889, a large crowd attended the inaugural meeting at the Epsom Race Course for the running of the Mordialloc Cup and a prize of 500 hundred was offered for the winner. The meeting was conducted in the middle of a winter but the weather was fine and the track [had] little holding. There were several changes to the administration of Epsom over the years. The Epsom Turf Club was formed at the beginning the 20th century and run under private management. The Epsom Racecourse Pty Ltd was incorporated in May 1909. The Directors were John Langtree Reilly and Robert C. Anderson. Reillys involvement in both Epsom and Mentone Racecourses was as a major shareholder and in management. In 1924 a special resolution was reached that the Epsom Racecourse be sold to the Epsom Turf Club as from 20 June 1924. Tragically, in December 1938, the main stand was accidentally burnt to the ground.$150250657AUSTRALIAN JOCKEY CLUB Membership badges: 1929-30, plus Ladys Badges for 1942-43, 1961-62, 1962-63and 1970-71, all in superb condition. (5). .$200250658MENTONE RACING CLUB (VICTORIA): 1929 Membership Ticket folder No.61 issued to C.M. Walsh,with several Gate Coupons still intact; red leather with gold embossing.The establishment of the railway system to Mordialloc in 1881 had encouraged subdivision of the land which led to an increase in the permanent population. This rail service provided the necessary mode for patrons to attend the races at Mentone. Towards the end of WW2 the Mentone club had become involved in one of the most serious cut-backs in Victorian racing in the twentieth century. The final race meeting was held at Mentone on 24 July 1948 and drew the largest attendance ever to the course. .$200300659COLLECTION OF MEMORABILIA: with Phar Lap related items including newspaper cut-out his first winning race result (April 27,1929 at Rosehill) with signature of winning jockey Jack Baker on piece affixed to reverse; also George Moores signature on photograph, Colin Hayes OBE signed photo, Miracle Mal Johnston signed photo of him aboard Kingston Town, Bart Cummings signed & framed image, Jim Cassidy signatures on signed tribute cut-out and on a 2011 racing programme, 2019 Seppelt Mackinnon Stake winner Magic Wands jockey Ryan Moore signature on programme; etc. (approx 25 items) .$200250660660VICTORIA RACING CLUB: 1930-31 Lady Members Ticket, No. L69 issued to Mrs S. Lazarus;red leather with gold embossing. This membership year included November 1930 when Phar Lap won the Melbourne Cup. $200300'