b'35188AUSTRALIAN TEST CAPTAINS 1940 - 1990 presentation plaque with the original signatures of 18 Australian Captains including Bill Brown, Don Bradman, Lindsay Hassett, Arthur Morris, Ray Lindwall, Ian Craig, Richie Benaud, and eleven more. With CofA. $200300189Melbourne Cricket Club, Annual Report, For the Season 1942-43. [Melbourne; Mason, Firth & MCutcheon, 1943] 28pp, with original blue covers. A very slender war-time edition in which several mentions are made of the fact that activities and income have been severely curtailed because of the occupation of the Ground by the Crown.CLUB AND THE WAR.- The Club is proud of the fact that 2,146 of its Members are in the Fighting Forces. In addition many others are engaged in full time war duties. (p.6)After the outbreak of war in the Pacific, the Commonwealth Government requisitioned the MCG for military purposes. From 1942 until 1945 it was progressively occupied by the US Army Air Forces, the Royal Australian Air Force, the US Marine Corps and again the RAAF. More than 200,000 personnel regarded the ground as their home away from home during that period.Most famously in 1943 the MCG was home to the legendary First Regiment of the First Division of the United States Marine Corp. The First Marine Corp were the heroes of the battle of Guadalcanal (later Okinawa) and used the cricket grounds, as the marines referred to it, to rest and recuperate. In 1942 and 1943, Melburnians en masse proved wonderful hosts to the soldiers and marines. Melbourne was described as the best liberty port in the world. Hundreds of servicemen were taken into Melburnians homes and softball and gridiron matches were played on the MCG. .$200300190MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB: 1944-45 Full Member membership ticket, with black printed text on pale blue background, numbered No.388 on reverse.The traditional metal and enamel membership badge was not produced in 1944 due to metal rationing efforts during World War Two.$7501,000 1911931911944 WISDENS ALMANACK, original hard cover binding. .$2002501921945 - 1949 WISDENS ALMANACKS, all original linen covers. (5). Mixed condition. $300500193A KEN MEULEMAN AUST XI. VIC XI. AUTOGRAPH bat, signed to the front of the blade by 1946-48 Australian and English teams, and on reverse by the Indian team which visited Australia 1947-48. A total of 47 signatures including Don Bradman, Sid Barnes, Keith Miller, Ray Lindwall, Wally Hammond, Len Hutton, Bill Voce, V.S.Hazare, L.Amarnath, M.H.Mankad & D.G. Pahdkar. Length: 44cm. $500750'