b'53329JOHN PLAYER & SONS: 1932, 1934 & 1938 Cricketers complete sets of 50 all intricately mounted (5x10)framed & glazed, 1938 cards with some mostly light aging, otherwise generally fine; overall frame sizes 32x84cm (1932) or 28x82cm (2, 1934 & 1938); cards Cat. 210. (3 items) $1502003301947 Radio Fun (Amalgamated Press) Famous Test Cricketers, complete set [24]. Mainly G/VG. Scarce. .$140180330aAn accumulation including 1951 Potter & Moore (English Players) Famous Cricketers (2 complete sets + odds;19 of the 20 Australian players; alos various odds from Hoadleys, Allens, etc. (qty). Mainly VG condition. $200250CRICKETTEAM SHEETS & AUTOGRAPH PAGES331AUSTRALIA: Pages removed from various autograph books, with more than 40 original signatures including Stan McCabe, Sid Barnes, Ron Saggers, Arthur Morris, Doug Ring, Percy Beames, Ben Barnett, Ross Moyle, Clarrie Grimmett, Merv Waite, Keith Miller, Ian Johnson, Arthur Mailey, Geo Hele, Neil Harvey, Bob Simpson and Bill Lawry. .$200300332ENGLAND: A collection of original signatures on first day covers, a Christmas card, etc. Noted Tony Greig, Mike Gatting, Ted Dexter, Colin Cowdrey, Geoff Boycott, David Gower, Tom Graveney, Brian Close, Dennis Amiss, Mike Brearley, Derek Randall, Derek Underwood and many more. Also, two miniature bats with printed team signatures for England First Test 1953 and another team circa 1930; a small framed History of the Cricket Bat and a limited edition silhouette of Don Bradman, framed. $1502003331921 AUSTRALIAN TEAM, page with 16 signatures and details of their home towns: Ted McDonald, Sydney Smith (manager), Bill Ferguson (scorer), Tommy Andrews, Edgar Mayne, Jack Ryder, Stork Hendry, Hanson Carter, Roland Pope (1 Test 1885), Arthur Mailey, Charles Macartney, Herbie Collins, Jack Gregory, Johnny Taylor, Warren Bardsley & Warwick Armstrong (captain).Accompanied by 2 reproduction photographs signed by Stork Hendry.$7501,000334 336334THE AUSTRALIAN TOURING SIDE - 1921: 13 original signatures cut from an autograph book and laid down on card. All strong ink with W.W. Armstrong (Capt.) at the top, followed by Tommy Andrews, Edgar Mayne, Jack Ryder, Stork Hendry, Hanson Carter, Arthur Mailey, Charles Macartney, Jack Gregory, Johnny Taylor, Warren Bardsley, Bill Oldfield& C.E. Pellew.Australia won the 1921 Ashes series held in England. They won the first three Test matches against England, which meant that they had won eight in succession, an unequalled sequence in Ashes Tests, following the 5-0 drubbing they had administered to England in the 1920-21 season in Australia. .$7501,000335ENGLAND TEST TEAM - 1921: Nine pen signatures attractively laid down on a card, comprising Jack Hobbs (61 Tests), Frank Woolley (64 Tests), Ernest Tyldesley (14 Tests), Cecil Parkin (10 Tests), Reggie Spooner (10 Tests), Percy Fender(13 Tests), Jack Russell (10 Tests), A.S. Kennedy (5 Tests) and Donald Knight (2 Tests)$3004003361926 AUSTRALIAN TEAM, 12 signatures in pen on a page - Herbie Collins (captain), Arthur Mailey, Hunter Hendry,Jack Gregory, Tommy Andrews, Sam Everett, Warren Bardsley, Clarrie Grimmett, Arthur Richardson, Bill Ponsford, Charlie Macartney & Johnny Taylor; with John Ellis on reverse. Together with reproduction photos signed by Bill Ponsford & Stork Hendry. .$500750'