b'44256WISDENS ALMANACKS, original linen cover editions for 1977 (2), and hardbound editions with dust jackets for 1985, 2003 and the first Australian edition n 1998. Complete. (5). $1001502572571977 Jubilee Test Match at Lords, England v Australia, Centenary Bail, Silver Plate, with Scroll of Honour rolled up inside showing details of the match with facsimile autographs of both teams; with display stand in original box, the box cover signed by Gary Cosier.Provenance: The Gary Cosier Collection, with Certificate from Leski Auction No.194, Lot 179, March 2002(signed by Cosier). .$200250258RAY BRIGHTS World Series Cricket shirt, made by Whitmont and autographed R. Bright over the logo, circa 1978. Bright signed with World Series Cricket in 1977. He and Kerry OKeefe were the two Australian spinners. Bright had enjoyed an excellent World Series Cricket, being Australias number one spinner for the entire time. Rod Marsh and I were the only two that played in all of the Supertests, said Bright at a later date. Fourteen all up, ten in Australia and four in the West Indies. They were probably my best two years, believe it or not.Provenance: Purchased from Boxshalls Sports Memorabilia, with a letter signed by Bright. $1,0001,250259A match-used aluminium Dennis Lillee ComBat with the crossed rifles and Lillee decal affixed on the rear of the blade. 86cm length. (Lacks rubber handgrip).Provenance: The Barry Knight Collection [England, 29 Tests 1961-69].The ComBat was the subject of an incident that occurred at the WACA cricket ground in Perth in December 1979. Australia were playing England in the first Test, and were in trouble at the end of the first day, at a score of 232/8, with Dennis Lillee not out. When the second day of play began, Lillee emerged onto the field carrying a bat made from aluminium. The bat, manufactured by the company of Lillees good friend Graeme Monaghan, was intended only as a cheap replacement for traditional cricket bats for schools and developing countries. Nevertheless, Lillee decided to use it in the Test match as a marketing stunt, and at that point, there were no rules against using such a bat. This was not the first time Lillee had used an aluminium bat, as he had employed one 12 days previously in a Test against the West Indies without incident.The trouble began on the fourth ball of the day, when Lillee straight drove a ball from Ian Botham. The ball went for three runs, and nothing appeared untoward. However, Australian captain Greg Chappell thought that the ball should have gone for a four, and instructed twelfth man Rodney Hogg to deliver a conventional wooden bat to Lillee. As this was happening, English captain Mike Brearley complained to the umpires that the metallic bat was damaging the soft, leather cricket ball. Although the umpires told Lillee he had to change his bat, Lillee instructed Hogg that he wasnt going to, and assumed a posture to face the next delivery. Brearley, Lillee and the umpires held an animated discussion for almost ten minutes, before Chappell decided that the game would be held up if things continued. He emerged onto the ground, took one of the willow bats from Hogg, and instructed Lillee to be quiet and use the bat; Lillee threw his aluminium bat away in disgust (throwing the offending lump of metal fully 40 yards towards the pavilion), and grudgingly took the wooden bat. Lillee was not censured or disciplined for this incident; both the umpires and the Australian Cricket Board decided to let Lillee off with only a warning$100200260MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB: 1979-80 to 1988-89 (150th Anniversary) membership badges, complete run,all within the original envelopes of issue, plus a 1996 Membership tiepin. (12 items) .$200250261Replica Ashes urn and plinth in fitted box; made by Celtic castings for the MCC. $100150262GEOFF LAWSONS WORLD SERIES CRICKET One Day International shirt with WSC logo, from the 1980-81 Tri-Series, which Australia won.Provenance: The Kevin ODowd Collection. $8001,000263A lovely group of 4 signed menus, comprising ACS 3rd Annual Dinner (Marleston, S.A.) October 1980 signed by BILL OREILLY and DON BRADMAN: 1982-83 District Cricketer of the Year (Italian Club, Adelaide) signed by DON BRADMAN and TONY LOCK; 1994 Lord Mayor Adelaide Welcome to the South African Team signed by numerous cricketers incl. Ian Redpath, Peter Burge, Trevor Goddard, Mike Proctor, Dennis Lillee, Buster Farrer, etc; June 1995 Success of the Australian Cricket Team West Indies Tour luncheon hosted by Bob Carr (Premier NSW) signed by numerous cricketers incl. Glenn McGrath, David Boon, Shane Warne, Greg Blewett & Steve Waugh. .$400500264LORDS GROUND SCORE CARDS with numerous signatures: England v Australia Centenary Test 1980 signed by both teams; M.C.C. v Rest of the World, Aug.1987 signed by 11 of M.C.C. and 10 of RoW + Clive Lloyd; and England v New Zealand June 1990 signed by Richard Hadlee. .$150200'