b'20112115113112MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB, 1912-13 membership medallion, made by C.Bentley, No.2457; and the 1913-14 membership medallion, made by Stokes, No.1555. (2 items). .$400600113ORIGINAL HAND-PAINTED PORTRAIT OF RANJITSINHJI OF NAWANAGAR: c.1912 image showing him wearing a ceremonial costume and matching turban, adorned with his British GCSI & GBE awards and sash of office, all set against a colourful backdrop featuring a stunning blue sky and water features, the iridescent elements of the image composed from REAL BUTTERFLY WINGS. Commissioned by Ranji with a Made in England label on the reverse of the white metal frame on stand (10x18cm). .$1,0001,500 114POSTCARDS: c.1912 coloured cards depicting cricketers C.B. Fry (Hampshire) and Colin (Charlie) Blythe, the latter postally used within India; some peripheral blemishes. [Ex Ranji Nawanagar collection] (2). $250300115MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB, 1914-15 membership medallion, made by Stokes, No.89; the 1915-16 membership medallion, made by C. Bentley, No.158, and the 1916-17 membership medallion, made by C. Bentley, No.1439. (3). .$500600117116 120116PORT MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB: 1914 gilt titled & decorated leather bound testimonial to The Hon F.T. Derham, the internal dedication with attractive hand-painted floral borders, minor edge wear & some light internal spotting, very fine condition overall, 22x29cm.[Thomas Frederick Derham 1844-1922 was an Australian politician who served as Postmaster-General (1886-1890),he subsequently served as President of Chamber of Manufacturers (1897-1903) and of the Employers Federation(1901-04).] .$300500'