b'25147147MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB, 1928-29 membership medallion, No.1157 for a full member, plus the medallion for a country member No.261; the 1929-30 medallion, No.749; and the 1930-31 medallion, No.781. All made by C. Bentley.(4 items). $500750148148DON BRADMANS NEW SOUTH WALES STATE CAP, circa 1928A New South Wales state cricket team cap, blue wool, State badge worked in ivory and red silk, Farmers Sydney label inscribed D.BRADMAN in black ink. Offered together with a letter to the original vendor (dated December 1999) in which Sir Donald writes .when playing for N.S.W. I was given a new cap every year. Andy Barlow was a friend of mine and a Test umpire and he asked me if I would give it to him for a keepsake. It was probably the second cap I ever had.The 1927-28 season was the first time Bradman was selected to represent New South Wales in the Sheffield Shield side. His debut was brilliant, scoring 118 in his first innings against the bowling of the likes of Clarrie Grimmett (Dec.1927). He was only the twentieth Australian to score a century on his first-class debut. The following season, 1928-29 is when Bradman believed he was presented with this cap. In the match against Queensland, he scored a century in each innings (October 1928). Against the visiting M.C.C. team he scored 87 and 132 for New South Wales. (November 1928). In the third Test match against England, he scored 79 and 112 (December 1928) and was an automatic selection for Tests subsequently.In January 1929 Bradman scored 340 v Victoria at Sydney, then the highest score made on the Sydney Cricket Ground.It was the highest score ever made by a batsman under twenty-one, and he was the youngest Australian to play an innings of 300 and over.THIS CAP IS THE OLDEST PRIMARY OBJECT ASSOCIATED WITH SIR DONALD BRADMANS FIRST CLASS CAREER TO APPEAR AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Provenance: Christies Australia, 16th & 17th April 2000 - Lot 730. $25,00035,000'