493 Jewel box and assorted vintage jewellery including 19 dress rings, assorted silver earrings, pendants and brooches, Mexican silver crucifix, silver money clip and turquoise belt buckle, (40 items) $200–300 ❖ 494 Group of 11 vintage ladies watches including 4 with 9ct gold cases (11) $150–250 ❖ 495 Cufflinks, group of 27 pairs including Scandinavian silver (27) $150–250 ❖ 496 Group of 22 vintage silver rings with stones, many examples from the 1960s and 1970s (22) $250–350 ❖ 497 Group of 14 wristwatches including 2 Tissot, Seiko and automatics (14) $120–200 ❖ 498 Tibetan silver mounted flint and silver bangles, Thai, China Straits, tribal and Neo Classical, 19th and 20th century, (7 items) $150–250 ❖ 499 Collection of vintage costume and sterling silver jewellery including Italian silver bracelets $150–250 ❖ 500 A Baume ladies pocket watch, 14ct gold case with key wind movement, 19th century Roman numerals with engraved dial and case, with key 3.5cm diameter $400–600 501 A ladies pocket watch, 18ct gold cased, crown wind, Roman numerals with engraved dial and back, 19th century 4cm diameter $400–600 502 A fine gents pocket watch, 18ct gold case with key wind fusee movement marked “JOHN HOLLIND, 1 Wolverhampton St. Dudley” Roman numerals with subsidiary seconds dial and engraved decoration, 19th century 5.5cm diameter $1,500–2,500 503 A ladies full hunter pocket watch, Swiss movement with 18ct gold case together with a fine tri-coloured 15ct gold Albertina fob chain, 19th century. Roman numerals with subsidiary seconds dial and crown wind movement 3.5cm diameter, Albertina fob chain 17 .5 grams $800–1,200 502 503 63