83 LIU XIONG GUANG (20TH CENTURY, CHINESE) Two peasant portraits oil on canvas signed in the lower margin 101cm x 100cm (2) $300–500 ❖ 84 A pair of Chinese carved timber pedestals with marble tops, 20th century 81cm high, 30cm diameter (2) $400–600 85 A Chinese alter table, elm and softwood, 20th century 86cm high, 176cm wide, 41cm deep $300–500 86 A Chinese pedestal or pot stand, carved wood and rouge marble, 19th century 46cm high, 39cm wide, 39cm deep $250–350 87 A Chinese porcelain spherical vase, 20th century 28cm high $200–300 88 A pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain table lamp bases, 20th century 34cm high (2) $100–200 ❖ 89 Set of four Chinese side tables, hardwood and marble, 20th century 50cm high, 40cm wide, 31cm deep (4) $300–500 ❖ 90 A Chinese temple table, carved timber with remains of lacquered finish, 20th century 87cm high, 95cm wide, 47cm deep $300–500 ❖ 91 Four Hindu statues, miniature Mughal portrait on ivory and French art deco pen set (6 items) Tallest 16cm $150–250 ◊ 92 Map of China compiled from original survey and sketches by James Wyld, circa 1840, original cloth-backed folding edition in green cloth covered slipcase 66cm x 83cm $300–500 86 92 85 19