364 Three Murano coloured glass vases, Italian, mid 20th century the tallest 19cm high (3) $120–200 ❖ 365 Five assorted art glass bowls, Italian and Japanese, mid 20th century the tallest 10cm (5) $120–200 ❖ 366 A jewel box, rosewood, beech and pine with velvet lining, circa 1920 8cm high, 25cm wide, 15cm deep $100–200 367 Three assorted snuff boxes, Russian porcelain, enamel on metal and inlaid papier-mâché, 19th century enamel box 6.5cm diameter (3) $150–250 ❖ 368 A fine Italian carved conch shell, Torre Del Greco, Naples, mid 19th century 14cm high $400–600 369 A Black Forest hanging light in the form of a mountaineer, carved wood, copper and celluloid, German, early 20th century 65cm high $400–600 370 Two Art Deco female busts, painted plaster, circa 1930 wall bust signed “D. COLLINS” the taller 34cm (2) $100–200 ❖ 371 A Bonnie Prince Charles cast iron door stop, English, 19th century 38cm high $150–250 372 RENE LALIQUE Eucalyptus D’Orsay pendant perfume bottle in original silk lined box, circa 1920 marked “R. Lalique, O’Orsay” 4.5cm high $600–1,000 373 Three assorted perfume bottles with sterling silver mounts, 19th century the tallest 11cm (3) $150–250 ❖ 369 372 371 368 50