400 A pair of French bronze Marly Horse statues, after GUILLAUME COUSTOU (1677-1746), late 19th century 40cm high (2) $800–1,200 401 A fine carved wooden crocodile ornament with shell eyes, Papua New Guinea, 20th century 140cm long $150–250 ❖ 402 A painted plaster bust in glass dome, 19th/20th century the dome 35cm high $200–400 403 A bronze statue of a fisherman, 19th century 36cm high $250–350 404 A circular copper plaque with classical scene, English, 19th century 45cm diameter $250–350 405 An African carved wooden mask and a Chinese rice measure, 19th/20th century the mask 38cm high (2) $200–300 ❖ 406 A Victorian walnut bookstand with gilt metal decoration, circa 1860 18cm high $120–200 ❖ 407 An antique artist’s traveling case, leather and timber with metal fittings, American, 19th century with plaque that reads “W.F . SIMPSON Co. DETROIT, MICH. ” 55cm high, 73cm wide, 14cm deep $150–250 408 An English arts and crafts jardinière in the manner of Archie Knox, copper and enamel, early 20th century 16cm high $200–300 400 402 407 408 404 403 53