40 A Chinese porcelain footed dish, Qing Dynasty, 19th century 4.5cm high, 13.5cm across $150–250 41 A small Chinese porcelain wash basin with Buddhist motifs, 19th century 9cm high, 30cm diameter $300–500 42 A Chinese polychrome porcelain footed bowl with Guangxi mark, 19th/20th century 4cm high, 13cm across $200–300 43 A Chinese porcelain octagonal bowl with dragon and phoenix design, 19th century marked Da Qing Guangxu Nian Zhi 7 .5cm high, 16cm across $200–300 44 A Swatow blue and white dish, a marked Chinese plate (possibly Bleue de Hue) and an unmarked Chinese cup (late Qing Dynasty) (3) $180–220 ❖ 45 Three assorted Chinese polychrome porcelain dishes, Guangxu period yellow dish 14.5cm diameter (3) $400–600 ❖ 46 A pair of large Chinese porcelain teapots, unmarked, 20th century 24cm high (2) $400–600 ❖ 40 43 41 42 14