17 Tibetan Densatil gilt-bronze image of an Offering Goddess (Chopay Lhamo), 14th/15th century One of a group of supporting statues, later stand, Similar example sold by Mossgreen (Melbourne), 4MG Spring Auction Series (19th November 2013), Lot 207 , $77 ,000 hammer price plus buyers’ premium 32cm high including stand $20,000–30,000 18 A fine and rare Sino-Tibetan bronze Vajra, 19th century 20cm long $2,000–3,000 19 A Sino-Tibetan shrine entrance, gilt bronze, 19th century 25cm high $1,500–2,500 20 A Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze and cloisonné dragon finial (or possibly a handle), 17th/18th century 11cm long $1,500–2,500 21 A Laotian seated Buddha statue, gilt bronze, 15/16th century 31cm high $6,000–8,000 17 11