47 Chinese porcelain teapot with “Children Playing” marked Da Qing Guangxu Nian Zhi, together with an Empress Dowager style bowl, most likely Republic period the teapot 21cm high (2) $200–300 48 Two Chinese bronze mirrors in the Tang Dynasty and Han Dynasty styles, 19th/20th century 14cm and 19cm diameter (2) $600–800 49 Chinese porcelain lidded bowl, Guangxu mark but most likely later; together with a famille rose porcelain vase, 20th century the vase 34cm high (2) $200–300 ❖ 50 A collection of assorted Chinese ornaments, vases, dishes and plaque, 20th century (14 items) Chiang Kai Shek portrait tile 34 x 24cm (14) $150–250 ❖ 51 A Chinese carved jade pendant, most likely 20th century 6cm x 4cm $100–200 ❖ 52 A Chinese polychrome porcelain cup decorated with lappets and lotus with stylised peonies, late 19th century, impressed seal mark to base 7cm high, 8.5cm wide $250–350 53 Three Chinese porcelain bowls, Canton ware teapot, two sauce dishes and a Cantonese plate, 19th and 20th century the teapot 15cm high (7) $200–300 ❖ 54 Chinese porcelain bowl, a famille vert platter, and a segmented dish, 19th and 20th century the platter 41cm diameter (3) $150–250 ❖ 55 Five China Straits porcelain spoons together with a pair of famille rose porcelain spoons, 19th century 14cm each (7) $400–600 ❖ 56 A pair of Chinese porcelain plates with erotic scenes on celadon ground, early to mid 19th century 17cm diameter (2) $2,000–3,000 57 A Chinese blue and white bowl decorated with dragons pursuing flaming pearls, Qianlong mark, 20th century 19cm diameter $200–300 ❖ 58 A Chinese Wucai pot with chess scene and a blue and white porcelain plate, 20th century the pot 14cm high (2) $200–300 ❖ 56 48 52 47 15