b'132925925SS CATTERTHUN,A China Trade oil painting on canvas laid-down on board,in gilt frame, circa 1880,31.5 x 39cm, 42 x 50cm overall.The ship sank in August 1895 off Seal Rocks, near Newcastle.News of an appalling shipping disaster reached Sydney this afternoon, when from Forster, an outlying station on the north coast, came the intelligence of the fine steamer Catterthun, commanded by Captain Neil Shannon, on the outer reef of the Seal Rocks. The ship only left Sydney late yesterday afternoon after having completed a smart passage from Hong Kong to Sydney and Adelaide, with a cargo of tea and other produce. Although at the time of her departure for China a strong south-westerly gale was blowing still the ship has so often safely faced the typhoons of the Eastern seas that scarcely a shade of apprehension was felt about the wild weather raging outside the Sydney Heads. [The Argus, Aug.9, 1895].$5,0008,000'