FOOTBALL (AUSTRALIAN RULES) 351. Imperial Football Club Warracknabeal 1908 Premiership medal, presented to E.Holdsworth, 9ct gold manufactured by W.C. Schafer, ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $150–250 352 355 352. NORMAN “HACKENSCHMIDT” CLARK [1878-1943] CARLTON HALL OF FAME Inductee - 1989 A Carlton Football Club illuminated presentation, oak-framed, hand-painted and dated 12th March 1909, signed on behalf of the Committee by the president, J. Urquhart, the treasurer, Reg Blay & the secretary, John “Jack” Worrall (acknowledged as league football’s first coach and the man who, as a journalist, coined the term “Bodyline” .) 86cm x 70cm overall including the frame. From Stawell Gift champion to Carlton premiership player and coach, has there ever been a sporting career to rival that of Norman Childers “Hackenschmidt” Clark? Clark won the Stawell Gift in 1899 off a handicap of 13.25m in 11.45 seconds. He then went on to represent Carlton in 125 senior games, joining in 1905 on the eve of the club’s first golden era and making his name in the Blues’ premiership hat-trick from 1906-08 as a back pocket. Clark served as coach in 1912, 1914-18 and from 1920-22, a total of 150 games for 102 wins, 6 draws and 42 defeats. His coaching tenure at Princes Park took in 18 finals and four Grand Finals for two premierships (1914-15) and a winning average of 70 percent. Nicknamed “Hackenschmidt” because of his resemblance to the famous Egyptian bodybuilder and wrestler [of the same name]...Clark was 170cm (5ft 7in) and weighed 83.5kg, but possessed an outstanding leap. Clark first made his name as a footballer with North Adelaide, playing in the South Australian club’s first two premierships (1900 and 1902). The certificate, painted and hand-lettered by Goldsworthy & Davey of Melbourne, and featuring a photograph of Clark, the Carlton Football Club flag and emblem, and Australian flowers, expresses the clubs’ “ ...appreciation of the manner in which you have upheld the honor of the Club by your excellent an manly play during the past four years... ” Forty-six years after his death, in 1989 Clark was inducted into the Carlton Hall of Fame along with Sergio Silvagni and Bruce “Bugsy” Comben. [Much of the above write-up is extracted from the article “Tribute to a gifted Blue” by Daryl Timms, which appeared in the Herald-Sun, March 28, 2005, page 40.�����������������������������������������������������������������������������$5,000–7,500 353. The Weekly Times Postcard: circa 1910 “Victorian Footballers” series - Ernie Cameron (Essendon). Fine Unused. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $200–300 Images Lot numbers in black indicate that images are not illustrated in this catalogue but are available online at 58