CRICKET – 1949-2019 188. AUSTRALIAN TEST CRICKETER AUTOGRAPHS: A lovely collection of autographed displays in an album; mostly one autograph per page and including 13 Australian Captains. Noted Lindsay Hassett, Ian Craig, Richie Benaud, Neil Harvey, Brian Booth, Bob Simpson, Bill Lawry, Ian Chappell, Graham Yallop, Greg Chappell, Kim Hughes, Alan Border, Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh, Ernie McCormick, Dennis Lillee, Ashley Mallett, Brian Taber, Keith Stackpole, Graeme Watson, Alan Davidson, Colin McDonald, Frank Misson, Rod Marsh, Phil Emery, Geoff Dymock, Greg Matthews, David Boon, Geoff Lawson and many more. [Total: 84].���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $500–750 189. MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB, membership badges, made by K.G.Luke for 1950-51, 1951-52, 1952-53, 1953-54 and 1954-55, by Bertram Bros. for 1955-56, by Stokes for 1956-57 , by Bertram Bros. for 1957-58, by Luke for 1958-59 and by Bertram for 1959-60, 1960-61 and 1961-62. (12).������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $200–250 190. MELBOURNE CRICKET CLUB, membership badges 1950-51 complete to 1990-91, (41).��������������������������������������� $400–500 191. The West Indian cricket team in England in 1950 An official team photograph by The Sport & General Press Agency, Fleet Street, London, of the team that won the four match series, winning 3-1. Laid down on printed backing card; overall 31 x 35cm. Of the five players Wisden in 1951 named as their “Cricketers of the Year” four were West Indians in this team: Sonny Ramadhin, Alf Valentine, Everton Weekes and Frank Worrell. The fifth player was England wicket-keeper Godfrey Evans. Provenance: Formerly in the Monty Noble Collection.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $200–300 192. Charles CROMBIE: Four images from his “Laws of Cricket” series produced for “Perrier”; “How to place men in the field” , “When (in the opinion of the Umpire)... ” , “The innings shall commence after the ground has been swept... ” and “The striker being caught, no runs shall be scored. ” . Framed & glazed individually. (4).����������������������������������������������������������������� $120–200 193. AUSTRALIAN TEST CRICKETER AUTOGRAPHS: A lovely collection of autographed displays a a few autograph sheets in an album; mostly one autograph per page and including Keith Miller, Ron Saggers, Rod Marsh, Dean Jones, David Hookes, Rodney Hogg, Ian Meckiff, Ian Redpath, Doug Walters, Kerry O’Keeffe, Rick McCosker, Gary Gilmore, Peter Philpott, Alan Connolly, John Gleeson, Paul Sheahan and many more. Slight duplication. [Total: 114].����������������������������������� $500–750 196 Ex 194 194. FREDDIE BROWN - APPOINTED CAPTAIN OF ENGLAND, July 1950 A very interesting archive of original photographs letters and telegrams regarding Freddie Brown and his appointment to the captaincy of the team to tour Australia in 1950/51. Some of the correspondents include Colin McIver, Wally Hammond, Pelham Warner and Ronnie Aird. “Well done Freddy. You have provided a lot of declining old cricketers with a wonderful tonic and appear to have solved many problems. Colin McIver” . Accompanied by a set of 15 team buttons depicting the Englishmen. (41 items). Several of the letters, etc., are addressed to “Dear Mrs Freddie” who appears to have been her husband’s archivist. Unfortunately for Brown, the team selected for the Australian Series did not live up to expectations. Faced by the new Australian Captain, Lindsay Hassett and a team which included Neil Harvey, Jack Iverson, Bill Johnston, Ian Johnson and Keith Miller, they slumped to a 4-1 defeat in the Tests.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $350–500 195. ADELAIDE OVAL - S.A.C.A. MEMBERSHIP BADGES for 1951-52, 1953-54, 1954-55, 1955-56, 1956-57 , 1957-58 (full & country members), 1958-59, 1966-67 plus 17 later to 1985-86. (Total: 26).���������������������������������������������������� $200–300 33