150. A RECENTLY DISCOVERED BRADMAN BAT FROMTHE BODYLINE SERIES A “DON BRADMAN N.S.W. and AUSTRALIAN XI WORLD’S RECORD” full-size cricket bat by SYKES; signed “Don Bradman” in the ownership position and on the left size of the rear of the blade by sixteen members of the English Touring party, namely D.R. Jardine (captain), G.O. Allen, H. Verity, W.R. Hammond, G.W. Duckworth, R.E.S. Wyatt, F .R. Brown, T.B. Mitchell, M. Leyland, P .F . Warner (manager), M. Tate, H. Sutcliffe, W. Voce, W.E. Bowes, E. Paynter and L. Ames. This bat, clearly once owned by Don Bradman and having had only minimal use, was recently “discovered” in New Zealand; perhaps not as surprising as it may first appear, as the England Team travelled to New Zealand after it’s 4-1 defeat of Australia in the 1932-33 Series which quickly became known as “Bodyline” . In New Zealand two Test Matches were played; both were drawn. It would appear that Bradman left the bat with someone in the English Team and it was overlooked on their departure, then spending the next 86 years in New Zealand. ��������$25,000–35,000 27