Christmas Island 386 386 PC. 1908 (July 22) Caledonian Railway Company RP postcard from LOCHEARNHEAD, SCOTLAND bearing 1d Edward VII; addressed to “Mr. W.R. Darling, Christmas Island, Straits Settlements via Singapore” with double circle “PENANG TO SINGAPORE AU 14 1908” transit cds and a good-fine strike of the rare “CHRISTMAS ISLAND AU 19 1908” [Proud Type B] arrival cds.������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $1,250–1,500 Falkland Islands ex 387 388 387 *. KGV DEFINITIVES comprising 1912-20 values to 3/-; 1921-28 values to 3/- and the 1929-36 (SG.116-126) ½d - £1 Whale & Penguin set. Cat.£1045+. (21 stamps). Mint.����������������������������������������� $600–800 388 PS. INWARDS MAIL FROM BOHEMIA 1906 (Nov.18) usage of 5H postal card uprated 30H for registered mailing from Deutschbrod - Nemecky Brod to “The Secretary to the Governor, Port Stanley... ” with London Registration cds (21 NO 06) at left; and with rare “AUSTRIAN EXHIBITION LONDON 1906” perforated vignette affixed alongside the adhesives; small filing hole at lower left. The correspondent, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, is writing to request information about the importing and exporting of products in the Falkland Islands. Rather optimistically, he writes “I beg you please send me kindly some statistic Publications & hints in this Direction besides this also some informations regarding the Colony - Sources & Progress - Custom Duty Tariff and if posible the Railway Time Table and fright Tariff. ” [NB: all spelling faithfully reproduced]. The population of the Falkalnd Islands in 1906 was just under 2,100. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $300–500 61