KGV –The Perkins Bacon Die Proofs 216 216 P. THE PERKINS BACON DIE PROOFS: State 1a (Scratched Die) die proof as State 1 with a Very Fine White Diagonal Scratch from the Kangaroo’s Paws to the Emu’s Feet on highly glazed thin card (94x125mm) with no endorsements or cachet, Cat $12,500+. A technically important proof. Ex Perkins Bacon Archives. [NB: listed in the ACSC as BW #70(DP)11Bb. Only 5 examples known.] The damage to the die must have occurred at the premises of Perkins Bacon or immediately after its return to De La Rue. Correcting the flaw would have been exceptionally difficult and it is thought that De La Rue transferred the die to a roller on which making the necessary correction was less onerous. An impression from the transfer roller was then taken on a flat piece of steel, in effect creating a new die, which was used for the pulls from De La Rue’s stages 6 to 10. Major Dormer Legge recorded three impressions from the Scratched Die. Provenance: The Arthur Gray Collection, October 2015, Lot 31.���������������������������������������������������� $10,000–12,500 217 217 P. THE PERKINS BACON DIE PROOFS: State 2 die proof with a field of horizontal lines behind the King’s head, the King’s nose has been improved and the hair has been lightened. In black on thin lightly pinkish card (110x58mm) endorsed at top “State 2” & at base “First State” . BW #70(DP)12Aa variant, Cat $15,000+. Ex Perkins Bacon Archives (with their handstamp on reverse) and “Ayers” (John Sussex). This proof, on unusual stock, doesn’t conform to the listing in the ACSC. Provenance: The Arthur Gray Collection, October 2015, Lot 32.������������������������������������������������������� $6,000–8,000 29