284 280 280 PS. Military:1917 (ACSC: ME5B) 1d carmine “AUSTRALIAN IMPERIAL FORCE, ABROAD. ” - first setting, envelope, FU from MARRICKVILLE 18 Feb.1918 to a Private in the 21st Battalion. Cat.$400.�������������� $250–300 281 PS. Wrappers: KGV - QEII decimal period; duplicated range in album. (40+). Mixed condition.��������������������$100–150 282 PS. Aerogrammes: A quantity of Unused, CTO & Used aerogrammes on Hagner pages plus loose in a file box. Includes special cancels, SPECIMEN, etc.��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $200–250 Australian Aerophilately 283 PC. 1914 (July 16) Melbourne-Sydney AAMC #3 Maurice Guillaux Official Souvenir PPC flown on first Australian official airmail with 1d Roo tied ‘AUSTRALIAN/MELBOURNE/16-JUL-1914/VIC/AERIAL MAIL ’ d/s and ‘SYDNEY/18JL14/64’ arrival alongside. Cat $750.����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $350–400 284 PC. 20-27 February 1917 (AAMC.13) Casterton to Melbourne flown souvenir card, carried by Basil Watson in his home-built bi-plane. With a delightful hand-wrirren message referring to Watson’s flying exhibition and the fact that the writer has taken a “snap” of him. Unusually fine condition. Cat.$600.������������������������������������� $350–400 285 285 PC. 6-11 Aug.1919 (AAMC.20a) Adelaide - Minlaton special postcard carried by Captain Harry Butler in his “Red Devil” Bristol Tourer; with hand-written message. Exceptional condition. AAMC:$550. Henry John ‘Harry’ Butler AFC (1889 – 1924) was an early Australian aviator, an air force officer, and a World War I flying ace. When he flew this air mail from Adelaide across St Vincent Gulf to Minlaton on 6 August 1919, it was the first over-water flight in the Southern Hemisphere.��������������������������������������������������������������� $300–350 286 PS. 1920 (July 30) Melbourne-Traralgon [AAMC #47] KGV 1½d brown ‘Star’ Envelope cancelled on arrival with ‘TRARALGON/30JL20/VIC’ cds, purple/yellow ‘By Herald Aerial Delivery’ vignette tied to the reverse by ‘HERALD & WEEKLY TIMES/RECEIVED/30JUL1920’ office time-clock d/s, Cat $2000.������������������� $1,500–1,750 43