Information For Sellers

The first Leski auction was held in 1972. Since then, Leski Auctions has built a reputation around diverse and interesting sales, accurate cataloguing, well-researched descriptions, transparent reporting to our vendors and prompt payments.

Request a Valuation

Our specialists will assess your collection or single item for auction to provide you with a preliminary valuation.

It is always best to make the assessment in person so we would suggest making an appointment to meet with one of our specialists.

Alternatively, please click here to make an online enquiry.

Consigning Goods to Auction

Once the decision to consign has been made, our specialists will indicate which auction would be most appropriate for your collection/item. If appropriate, there will be a discussion about publicity, and other factors involved in achieving the best outcome for you.

The specialist handling your collection will provide you with the Terms & Conditions of Sale including the commission rate to be charged, insurance costs if applicable and also any other charges agreed upon. This agreement may also include any reserves that have been suggested or requested, if relevant.

Delivery of Goods

If you are unable to deliver in person, we can arrange collection on your behalf. The cost of this service will simply be deducted from your eventual proceeds of sale. Alternatively, you are welcome to arrange a carrier yourself. Simply confirm the details of delivery with us ahead of time.

Vendor Reporting

Pre-sale Report

You will be provided with a pre-sale report approximately 3-4 weeks ahead of the auction. This will include a detailed list of items consigned in your name and their estimates as well as a hard copy of the printed catalogue if applicable.

Post-Sale Report

A post-sale report will be sent to you in the days following the auction confirming the hammer prices achieved.

Settlement Statement

A settlement statement detailing the net amount due to be paid to you will be issued to you at the time of payment. This statement will provide you with a breakdown of the hammer price less the vendor commission charged and any other costs deductable from proceeds e.g. insurance, copyright, cartage etc. as per your agreement.

Payment of Proceeds

Leski Auctions will make payment to you within 28 days of the auction for all lots for which cleared funds have been received. Funds will be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer directly into the bank account nominated on your Agent Agreement. Confirmation including the settlement statement will be emailed through to you at the time payment is made.

Leski Auctions has always operated a client funds account which is kept separate from our company trading account. Buyer payments are made directly into the client account which sees only the commission and any agreed charges due to Leski Auctions transferred into our trading account.

Unsold Lots

Our specialists will work with you to determine the best course of action if one or more of your items fail sell at auction.


Most unsold lots are re-offered at auction with reduced estimates in consultation with the vendor. It may be beneficial for us to hold the item(s) for a period before re-offering.

Sale Through a Third Party

Our specialists may suggest submitting your unsold material for sale through a third party (i.e. online sale, another auction house or private sale)

Return to Vendor

If the vendor wishes to retain possession of an unsold lot or if our specialists determine that the best course of action is to return the item to the vendor, Leski Auctions will communicate with the vendor to ensure that this is done in a timely manner.


If none of the options detailed above are deemed to be appropriate, Leski Auctions would be happy to deliver your unsold item/s to a charity of your choice.