Online Auction

Mon 4th May 2020

Time: 10:00am - 06:43pm

Open: Wednesday 22 April, 10.00am AEST
Closes From: Monday 4 May, 10.00 am AEST*
*This is a timed auction so bidding on lot 1 will close at 10.00am (AEST) and the following lots at 1-minute intervals, with the final lot closing at 6.42pm.

In the event that a bid is received within one minute of the scheduled closing time on any lot, the closing time will be automatically extended by one minute.

001-003 Australia: Kangaroos – First Watermark
004-004 Australia: Kangaroos – Second Watermark
005-005 Australia: Kangaroos – Third Watermark
006-006 Australia: Kangaroos – Small Multiple Watermark
007-026 Australia: KGV Heads
027-076 Australia: Other Pre-Decimals
077-077 Australia: BCOF Japan
078-094 Australia: Decimal Issues
095-095 Australia: Booklets
096-100 Australia: Postage Dues
101-108 Australia: Postal Cards
109-186 Australia: Letter Cards
187-192 Australia: Envelopes
193-202 Australia: First Day & Commemorative Covers
203-271 Australia: Aerophilately & Flight Covers
272-305 Australia: Postal History
306-306 Australia: Postal History – World War II – POW Camps – Victoria
307-317 Australia: NEW SOUTH WALES
318-320 Australia: QUEENSLAND
321-331 Australia: SOUTH AUSTRALIA
332-343 Australia: TASMANIA
344-358 Australia: VICTORIA
359-361 Australia: WESTERN AUSTRALIA
362-364 Afghanistan
369-370 BRUNEI
375-375 COCOS ISLANDS – Postal History
376-378 Cyprus
379-379 GERMANY
383-383 GOLD COAST
395-398 HONG KONG
399-399 INDIA
400-400 ISRAEL – Postal History
401-401 IRAQ
402-402 IRELAND
403-417 ISRAEL
425-425 NAURU
426-426 NETHERLANDS INDIES – Postal History
427-444 NEW GUINEA
452-452 NIUE
458-486 PAPUA
487-497 PAPUA – Aerophilately & Flight Covers
498-507 PAPUA – Postal History
514-514 Rhodesia
515-517 SARAWAK
520-521 SOUTH AFRICA – Postal History
522-522 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Postal History

An online auction catalogue for the philatelists amongst you. More than 500 lots of Australian Commonwealth, Australian Colonial and foreign stamps, postal history and postal stationery and we think there will be something for everyone. Whether you are a specialized KGV heads collector (Lots 7 – 26), whether you’re just thinking about reviving your illustrated lettercard collection (Lots 111 – 186) or whether you’re looking to fill-in some gaps in your Papuan pioneer airmail collection, (Lots 487 – 502) you’ll find them here. Along with lots more!

Unlike the Sporting Memorabilia Live Auction scheduled for Sunday May 10th 2020, this auction will be online only. While you will be able to make an appointment to come in to view, if you wish, there will be no live call of the catalogue on the closing date – the lots will simply retire at specified times, unless there is last minute bidding, of course, in which case the clock resets by one minute. Similarly, as there will be no flipbook or printed catalogue, we are passing on 100% of the savings TO YOU, so instead of the usual 19.5% buyer’s premium, for this online auction, the BP will be reduced to only 10% (+ GST for all Australian residents).

This online catalogue is not intended to replace our live philatelic auctions, simply to bridge the gap between them. So you can expect more of these online-only auctions in the coming weeks and months. We’ll do our best to keep them coming. And they will be coming in other categories, as well. There is a small online Toys & Models auction to be uploaded in the next couple of days and we have started work on an online Postcard, Cigarette & Trade Card sale which should be ready in a few weeks.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through this catalogue and that you will find something that you would like to add to your collection. We will do our best to respond to your questions or requests for details but please understand that some of us are working from home and we don’t always have access to all our files and reference materials.

Our next Live auction (behind closed doors) will be our very popular Australian & Colonial sale, for which we have received wonderful consignments from many vendors. If philately is not your “thing”, you won’t have long to wait before we can share that fantastic range of material with you.

Hoping our catalogues bring you some stimulation, challenges and pleasure during this very difficult time. An of course, also hoping this message finds you all healthy and coping with the necessary restrictions to our lives that we are all doing our best to deal with.

All of us at Leski Auctions.

Featured Lots

Lot 5

Australia: 1923-24 (SG.73) 6d Chestnut Die IIB corner marginal pair, the right-hand unit variety "White Scratch retouch - break in top frame over 'L' of 'AUSTRALIA' [4R6], lightly toned gum, variety unit MUH, BW: 21(4)fa - Cat. $290+

Est: $140 - $160

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Lot 18

Australia: 1918-23 (SG.65) KGV Single Wmk Cooke Plates 4d Blue variety "Weeping '4'", WYCHEPROOF (Vic) datestamp, BW:112(2)f - Cat. $90.

Est: $50 - $75

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Lot 140

1914-18 (BW:LC18/109) 1d KGV Sideface Design P12½ Die 1 in purple-brown on Grey Surfaced Card with Off-White/Cream Interior, "Railway Sleepers, Queensland" illustration, edge tones at right, fine unused overall, Cat $175.

Est: $120 - $140

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Lot 168

1914-18 Military Views (BW:LC27/M1B) 1d KGV Sideface Design P12½ in blue-black on Grey to Greenish-Grey Card, white interior, "2nd AIF Embarking (wharf)" illustration, very fine unused, Cat $175.

Est: $120 - $140

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Lot 172

1914-18 Military Views (BW:LC27/M4B) 1d KGV Sideface Design P12½ in black on Grey to Greenish-Grey Card, white interior, "H.M.A.S. Yarra on Trial..." illustration, toning along dividing fold only, unused with KGV ½d green added, Cat $175.

Est: $100 - $120

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Lot 203

AUSTRALIA: 20-27 February 1917 (AAMC.12) Hamilton to Melbourne flown souvenir card, carried by Basil Watson in his home-built bi-plane. With a delightful hand-written message referring to the much anticipated flight. Unusually fine condition. Cat.$600.

Est: $400 - $450

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Lot 211

AUSTRALIA: 6 June 1931 (AAMC.184a) Lord Howe Island - Sydney cover, numbered #118, flown, endorsed and signed (front & rear) by Francis Chichester. The flight from Lord Howe was delayed following a typhoon which had overturned his plane, "Miss Elijah". (approx. 110 - 130 flown). Cat.$650.

Est: $350 - $400

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Lot 220

AUSTRALIA: 21 June 1933 (AAMC.313a) Australia - Karachi flown cover, carried and signed by Charles Ulm on the "Faith in Australia" flight to England, which was intended to be an Around-the-World attempt. [See also BEA.33.11c].

Est: $300 - $400

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Lot 328

South Australia: 1902-04 (SG.277) 5/- rose "POSTAGE" (thin type) in superb horizontal pair, (2) MVLH. Cat.£240.

Est: $250 - $275

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Lot 403

1950 (Bale 47) 500pr Negev Camel, full tabs single FU on Feb.1951 registered EXPRESS airmail cover from Tel Aviv to New York; arrival backstamps. (Bale: US$600+). Accompanied by a superb MUH full tab corner single. (Bale: US$220).

Est: $300 - $400

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Lot 425

Nauru - Postal History: 1922 (Aug) inwards registered cover from Argentina endorsed "Via Australia" to "Assistant Medical Officer/Nauru" with 27c franking tied by 'SUCURSAL GRAL' datestamp, backstamped with BUENOS AIRES departure (Aug.25), ADELAIDE (Oct.22) & SYDNEY transits (Oct.23), but without Nauru arrival datestamp. Scarce inwards mail from an unusual origin.

Est: $150 - $200

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