Live Auction

Wed 11th Dec 2019

Time: 12:00pm

Of particular interest is the lovely single-owner collection of antique stamp boxes (Lots 12 – 32), the rarities amongst the Kangaroo items (Lots 41 – 76), some fine KGV Heads (Lots 77 – 100) and, among the later Australian Commonwealth, a rare solo-usage of the £1 Arms on cover (Lot 118). Decimal variety collectors will be interested to see the 1966 2c Queen in a block of 10 with every unit showing a remarkable complete offset (Lot 130), a 1974 $2 Red Gums with black completely missing (Lot 135) and a 1986 35c Wittenoom Gorge with purple completely missing (Lot 137).

A little later in the catalogue collectors of commercial airmails will find some wonderful items (Lots 165 – 225) addressed to Australia from all over the world and including some rare crash covers (Lots 226 & 227). Some other strong sections include Victoria (Lots 291 – 307), World Thematics (Lots 312 – 327), China (Lots 340 – 351), a fine collection of Great Britain (Lots 364 – 394), New Guinea & NWPI (Lots 403 – 431), New Zealand (Lots 432 – 452) and Papua (Lots 453 – 484).

Finally, one of the highlights of the sale is the extremely scarce set of Christmas Island First Pictorials Die Proofs, from the estate of N.H. Cooke, Christmas Island Phosphate Commissioner 1960-66, (Lot 354).

Featured Lots

Lot 9

2017 Lowe-Fraser $10 with pre-printing paper folds resulting in significant distortions to the images of Gilmore and Paterson and with albino figures '10' on both front and reverse. A most impressive freak printing.

Est: $500 - $750

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Lot 13

Brass: c.1890 small stamp box (14x31mm) incorporating a minute spring-loaded letter scale, with weight and rate information on the face, Registration No '102604', weight 9gr, in good condition with the spring balance still accurate, ring for attaching to a fob chain. Exremely rare and unusual.

Est: $900 - $1,200

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Lot 24

Silver: 1909 Crisford & Norris single-size case in the form of a book with foliate engraved decoration and the word 'Stamps' highlighted in blue enamel, the silver gilt interior swivels open on a retaining pin, weight 11gr, hallmarked in Birmingham, minor scratching.

Est: $200 - $250

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Lot 69

10/- Grey & Pink, superb top marginal block of (4), upper-right unit with vignette variety "Long curved tail on kangaroo" [R6] BW:49(V)o, delightfully centred and fresh, the lower units MUH, Cat. $8200++.

Est: $2,500 - $3,000

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Lot 118

1949 (SG.224c) £1 Arms solo franking tied by C.I.C. Bonegilla (Migrant Reception and Training Centre) datestamp to 1958 (Jul. 14) registered “A.R.” cover (opened at base) to Jerusalem. Israel, corresponding registration label, Jerusalem arrival backstamp. A rare solo franking/destination for 2/- half oz. airmail x9 + Registration (1/3d) and A.R. fee
Est: $600 - $750

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Lot 135

1974-79 (SG.566a) $2 Paintings "Red Gums of the Far North" error "Black (face value & inscription) omitted", marginal example, some light tones on the MUH gum, BW.665cb - Cat. $3000 (SG Cat. £1500). Seldom offered.

Est: $750 - $1,000

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Lot 138

1976 (SG.629) Australian Scenes 35c Wittenoom Gorge lower-left corner block of 6 (2x3) variety "Purple (distant hills in background) more or less omitted", most noticeably on the upper-right unit, least noticeably on the lower-left unit, couple of minor stains on selvedge only, fresh MUH, BW:749c - Cat $4000 for a complete omission on a single stamp. Impressive piece.

Est: $1,500 - $2,000

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Lot 227

Dec.1942 airmail cover recovered from RAAF Beaufort A-119 (7 Squadron), which ditched in the sea on 9 December, near Wednesday Island (off Thursday Island), 'DAMAGED MAIL/SALVAGED FROM SEA' label affixed, signed and tied by 'FIELD P.O./0101' cds of Thursday Island. One of the rarest crash covers of Australia, missing from most major aerophilately collections. Unlisted AAMC and Nierinck.

Est: $2,000 - $2,500

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Lot 354

CHRISTMAS ISLAND: 1963 (SG.11-20) 2c to $1 Pictorials complete set of Die Proofs presented within individual recessed presentation cards (82x100mm), boxed 'RBA/NOTE PRINTING/BRANCH handstamps on reverse, dated between "7.2.64" & "12.2.64" and numbered "3" (5c & 50c) or "7" (all other values), few minor blemishes/stains, fine overall. These are the first examples we can recall being offered to the market. Ex N.H. Cooke, Christmas Island Phospate Commissioner 1960-66. (10 items)

Est: $10,000 - $15,0000

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Lot 381

GREAT BRITAIN: 1867-83 (SG.133s) £5 orange Plate 1 with Type 9 'SPECIMEN' overprint, full gum with light hinge remnant, Cat. £3500. Very fresh.

Est: $1,500 - $2,000

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