Live Auction

Wed 28th Aug 2019

Time: 12:00pm

This is our first sale in this category since last December and it is the first one reflecting the very substantial contributions of our new team member, Matt Hancock.
After years of working exclusively in stamps and postal history, Matt joined us a couple of months ago, wanting to expand his exposure to and knowledge of the many types of collectables that pass through our doors.
As you will see from this catalogue, he’s been busy with the many consignments we have received in recent months so, while we are working towards our next Stamp & Coin auction, we look forward to including him in other projects.

The current catalogue is comprised of consignments from over 60 vendors. It includes a substantial group of Australian Commonwealth collections (Lots 90-123), a lovely pair of “Spitfire” War Savings Stamps Imprint blocks (Lots 135-6), a superb pair of First Watermark 5/- Kangaroos with a complete CTO strike (Lot 147), a 6d Blue Roo on a 1917 cover to General Birdwood (Lot 157), a KGV 1d Green with a complete OFFSET on the gum (Lot 200), a KGV Large Multi ½d CA-CA Monogram block of 24 (Lot 213), a KGV 2d RED NO WATERMARK error block of 4, ex Arthur Gray (Lot 225), a KGV 1d Red Perkins Bacon Die Proof, also ex Arthur Gray (Lot 236), the UNIQUE 1931 Kingsford Smith Imperforate Die Proofs (Lot 249), the remarkable 1/- Lyrebird marginal block of 4 with a wide blank band at base (Lot 262). Lots 275, 276 and 277 are superb and rare KGVI definitive Die Proofs and you will find a very substantial range of Decimal period accumulations (Lots 291 – 323) with plenty of postage!

For Booklet rarity collectors, the 1911 Victorian issue (Lot 357) is a beauty and for Tasmanian Postal History collectors we have some nice early strikes (Lots 466 – 483) followed by several attractive Victorian half-lengths (Lots 486 – 492). We have placed the large WORLD COLLECTIONS & ACCUMULATIONS section (Lots 527 – 593) at the beginning of the Rest-of-the-World listings and we suggest you allow plenty of time for viewing; some of the lots are quite large and disorganized! These are followed by individual country selections including CHINA (Lots 609 – 631), Great Britain (Lots 666 – 692), Israel (Lots 702 – 710), New Zealand (Lots 752 – 768), a wonderful 1830s-40s piece of NORFOLK ISLAND Convict History (Lot 769) and a beautiful range of Papua New Guinea material (Lots 777 – 791) featuring a selection of UNIQUE Bird and Animal Proof material.

We look forward to seeing you during the viewing and hope to see many of you participating during the auction – in the room, by mail, by phone, on our website or via an agent.

Our next planned philatelic event will be our involvement in “AEROPEX 2019” a special event to celebrate the Centenary of the first aeroplane flight from England to Australia. It will be held in Adelaide, on the 6th, 7th & 8th December 2019 at the Torrens Parade Ground Drill Hall. We will be exhibiting at the Exhibition and conducting our next Pioneer Aviation Auction a few days later, on the 11th December in Melbourne. If you have something suitable for inclusion in that sale or for our next general stamp and coin auction, please give Charles or Matt a call on (03) 8539 6150.

Featured Lots

Lot 135

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: Cinderellas: War Savings Stamps: Wmk Crown/A Sideways 6d "Spitfire" Perf 11 McCracken imprint block of 4, trivial gum wrinkles, fresh MUH and very scarce thus.

Est: $200 - $300

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Lot 147

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: Kangaroos - First Watermark: 5/- Grey & Yellow horizontal pair with complete strike of "MELBOURNE/DE3/13" CTO datestamp, well centred, without gum, BW:42wb - $600+. Complete CTO strikes are rare.

Est: $500 - $750

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Lot 157

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: Kangaroos - Third Watermark: 1917 (March 10) solo usage of 6d Blue Die II tied by Fremantle datestamp to large (260x110mm) registered cover endorsed "Private" addressed to "General Birdwood/Commandant A.I.F./France", red/white registration label, manuscript "HWI" applied at AIF Base PO in London (Apr 22 transit backstamp) for redirection to Ist Australian Corps with "FPO/H.C.I" Apr 24 arrival backstamp.

Est: $400 - $600

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Lot 200

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: KGV Heads - Single Watermark: 1d Green with impressive and complete offset, fine mint, BW:77ca - Cat $1000. [A similarly centred example sold for $1500+ in a May 2009 Melbourne auction.]

Est: 600 - $1,000

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Lot 213

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: KGV Heads - Large Multiple Watermark: ½d Green Electro 4 'CA - CA' Monogram block of 24 (12x2), the left-hand 'CA' substituted for 'JBC', extensive perf reinforcements and somewhat aged, well centred BW:65(4)zf - Cat $3500+.

Est: $800 - $1,000

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Lot 225

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: KGV Heads - Small Multiple Watermark Perf 13½ x 12½: 2d Scarlet Die III with No Watermark BW:102aa (SG.99ab) block of 4, the upper units are lightly mounted, the lower units are unmounted, Cat $20000+ (£5200++ mounted). Ex Greg Manning International Rarities Auction (1980). Michael Drury Certificate (2015). The ACSC states "The largest pieces now surviving are believed to be blocks of 4".

Est: $7,000 - $8,000

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Lot 249

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: Other Pre-Decimals: 1931 Kingsford Smith Imperforate Die proofs of the 2d 3d & 6d stamps in the issued colours on wove paper recessed in a single thick card mount (200x150mm) with bevelled edges BW:141-143DP(2), minor damp spots on the mount, the 3d proof is superb; the 2d & 6d are affected by light staining from the adhesive used to affix them to the backing, Cat. $60,000. Unique! Ex Sir Harry Brown.

Est: $20,000 - $25,000

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Lot 262

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: Other Pre-Decimals: 1937-49 (SG.192) 1/- Lyrebird Perf 15x14 marginal block of 4 from the base of the pane with printing error "Printing partially missing at base of the lower two units with 'ONE SHILLING' missing from both units", fresh MUH. Spectacular flaw, not seen by us before. Ceremuga Certificate (2016) states "Extremely rare."

Est: $1,500 - $2,000

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Lot 357

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA: Booklets: 1911 (May) State Stamps (Victoria) 2/- red on pink cover containing ½d Bantam block of 12 and 1d pink block of 18 with Printing in red on blue-green on the inside cover, back cover with Revised Text BW:B6(V)D (SG:SB4), stamps in pristine condition with original interleaving intact, Cat. $6000++ (SG Cat. £6000). Superb condition for an early Commonwealth booklet.

Est: $4,000 - $5,000

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