Welcome to our last sale of 2021.

We hope you’ve all had a healthy and happy year and that the restrictions that Covid-19 has brought into our lives have only touched you lightly. In particular, we hope you’ve had more time for your hobbies and other activities that give you pleasure. And hopefully, you’ll find some items in the following pages of the catalogue.

The sale starts with a larger-than-usual range of coins, banknotes and medals (Lots 1 – 197) and features a fine collection of Australian half-sovereigns (Lots 26 – 51) and sovereigns (Lots 52 -89). There is also a small range of English gold (Lots 136 – 144) before we get to the banknotes, which feature several most attractive “star” examples (Lots 174, 175 and 176).

The Australian Commonwealth stamps and postal history section (Lots 198 – 358) includes many highlights. We particularly like Lot 241 (the Small Multi £2 used on piece!), Lots 283 and 285 (the Stamp Design Competition essays), Lot 292 (the incredible 2/- Jubilee franking cover), and Lot 337 (the spectacular MISSING GOLD variety on the humble 4c Hartog of 1966).

The pioneer Australian aviation section (Lots 359 to 428) features three examples of the 1919 Ross Smith vignette used on covers (Lots 365, 366 and 367). Charles Kingsford Smith also features in several places, Lots 371, 392 and 395-98.

The Australian Colonial section (Lots 448 – 496) leads to a fine range of World Thematics (Lots 497 – 503), World Collections & Accumulations (Lots 504 – 530), before the rest of the world listing by country. The collection of FRANCE (Lot 573) is very extensive and there are several useful GREAT BRITAIN collections and single items (Lots 582 – 599). Some rarities in the MALAYA & STATES offerings (Lots 615 – 626) are sure to be popular, as is the extensive PAPUA section (Lots 662 to 718). And don’t miss the last lot in the sale, Lot 758, a superbly signed and endorsed flown cover, carried by AMELIA EARHART on her January 1935 flight from Hawaii to California.

2021 has been an incredible year for all of us. Here, at Leski Auctions, we have all been able to stay well, as have our families and loved ones. We’ve been busier than ever, and your participation is our auctions (by phone, email and online) has hit record highs! Our vendors have supported us magnificently and we are already hard at work on our first series of auctions for 2022.

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year. We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are thinking of buying, selling or both!