Live Auction

Sat 31st Oct 2020

Time: 10:00am

As most of you know, we in Melbourne have been living and working under the most stringent lock-down regulations in Australia, but that has not slowed the arrival of consignments through our doors, nor of the despatch of your purchases after each auction. We have been so grateful for your acceptance of the “auction behind closed doors” model, and we have been thrilled to welcome so many hundreds of you who have joined us as buyers for the first time during this unprecedented period. We wish you all continued good health.

To produce a catalogue such as this one, we are totally reliant on vendors, and while we expect the majority will be from the Melbourne area or Victoria, it is also very gratifying when interstate or overseas clients choose us. We know you often have auction houses closer to home, so it tells us something special when a collection (or a single item) arrives here from interstate or overseas. In this auction, for example, thank you to the collector from Sydney who consigned his collection of Antiquities (lots 379 – 402), the collectors from Queensland and South Australia who consigned a number of the pieces in the Silver section (Lots 1 – 105) or the vendor from Perth who sent us the Patek Philippe watch (Lot 846) for sale, to mention just a few.

Unlike our most recent single owner auction – Mid-Century Masterpieces : The Geoffrey Burke Collection – this catalogue contains consignments from more than 100 vendors. In addition to the Silver section mentioned above, which starts the sale, we also have extensive offerings of Porcelain & Ceramics (Lots 106 – 181), Art Glass (Lots 182 – 256) and Chinese & other Asian Art and artefacts (Lots 403 – 574), and that’s only the first Session!  Those of you who loved the Murano and other art glass in the Burke auction will be thrilled to see some of the beautiful pieces on offer this time: don’t miss the Legras vase (Lot 199), the ORREFORS “Ariel” glass vase designed by Edvin Öhrström (Lot 219) or the BARBINI for CENEDESE Murano Aquarium glass vase with four fish (Lot 225).

The second session, on Sunday, kicks off with a fine and diverse offering of furniture, lighting and home décor (Lots 575 – 764). Don’t miss the Northern Italian centre table (Lot 585), the Art Nouveau shop display cabinet (Lot 688) or the two remarkable pieces by the legendary Carlo Bugatti (Lots 708 and 709). The Sunday sale continues with Jewellery, Watches & Luxury Accessories (Lots 789 – 859), a fascinating collection of Autographed Books and photographs (Lots 953 – 982) and finishes with a wonderful range of Tobacciana & Corkscrews (Lots 1056 – 1080) with too many highlights to mention.

We’ll get back to work on our next catalogues while you settle back and enjoy wandering through the emporium of delights that awaits you in the coming pages. Thank you, once again, for all your messages of support and encouragement; we look forward to hearing from you again.

Session 1 (Lots 1 -574)
International Decorative Arts
001-105 Silver
106-181 Porcelain & Ceramics
182-256 Glass
257-378 General (International Decorative Arts)
379-402 Antiquities
403-574 Chinese & Asian Art

Session 2 (Lots 575-1080)
International Decorative Arts
575-738 Furniture
739-752 Rugs, Carpets & Textiles
753-764 Lamps & Lighting
765-788 Clocks & Timepieces
789-859 Jewellery, Watches & Luxury Accessories
860-897 Paintings & Artworks
898-904 Taxidermy

905-945 General
946-952 Tribal Artefacts & Artworks
953-982 Autographs
983-1018 Books & Ephemera
1019-1021 Postcards
1022-1026 Exhibitions
1027-1032 Posters
1033-1033 Photographs
1034-1039 Railways & Steam
1040-1047 Models & Toys
1048-1055 Music & Recordings
1056-1080 Tobacciana

Featured Lots

North Italian Centre Table

North Italian centre table inlaid with timber specimen inlaid top, circa 1835,<br> 75cm high, 71cm wide, 55cm deep<br> <br> Est: $1,200 - $2,000

Japanese Satsuma Vase

A Japanese Satsuma pottery vase finely decorated with Geisha scene, Meiji period, 19th century, four character seal mark to base,<br> 15cm high<br> <br> Est: $300 - $500

French Art Deco hall stand

A French Art Deco wrought iron hall stand with original green and gilt finish, circa 1920,<br> 187cm high, 85cm wide, 26cm deep<br> <br> Est: $1,500 - $2,500

Anglo-Indian jewellery casket

An Anglo-Indian jewellery casket, tortoiseshell, bone and ivory with silver escutcheon, early 19th century,<br> sandalwood interior with mirror inside the lid, with key,<br> 13cm high, 18cm wide, 12.5cm deep<br> <br> Est: $600 - $800

Chinese jewellery box

A Chinese circular jewellery box, carved ivory with dragon motif, circa 1900,<br> ​6cm high, 8cm diameter<br> <br> Est: $400 - $600

Chinese silver condiment set

Chinese silver three piece condiment set with dragon decoration by Wang Hing, circa 1900,<br> character mark to base stamped "W.H.90", <br> the tallest 8cm high<br> <br> Est: $600 - $800

Georgian sterling silver mounted horn beaker

A Georgian sterling silver mounted horn beaker by William Hewitt of London, circa 1828, <br> 11.5cm high<br> <br> Est: $250 - $350

Russian silver and enamel decorated bowl

A Russian silver and enamel decorated bowl with gilt wash finish,<br> Soviet era hammer and sickle in star stamped "916",<br> 5cm high, 11cm diameter, 140 grams<br> <br> Est: $400 - $600

English sterling silver inkstand desk set

An English sterling silver inkstand desk set with inscription "Presented To John Brewer Esq. By The Committee And Friends Of The Dawlish Cottage Hospital In Greatful Recognition Of More Than 20 yearsOf Unwearied Labour And Kindness,In Conection With The Institution. June 1895.". Made by Henry Wigfull of Sheffeild, circa 1894. Original crystal ink bottles with matching sterling silver hall marks. the tray 31cm wide, 1110 grams<br> <br> Est: $1,000 - $1,500

Chinese bronze censer

A Chinese bronze censer, Qing Dynasty, 19th century,<br> ​36cm high<br> <br> Est: $400 - $600

ORREFORS "Ariel" glass vase

ORREFORS "Ariel" glass vase designed by Edvin Öhrström in 1937, this piece executed in the 1970s,<br> engraved "Orrefors Ariel Nr. 113-E5, Edvin Öhrström", <br> ​18.5cm high<br> <br> Est: $2,000 - $2,500

Chinese famille rose porcelain tankard

A Chinese famille rose porcelain tankard, Chien Lung period, 18th century,<br> ​12cm high<br> <br> Est: $200 - $300

Pair of Chinese export porcelain tea bowls and saucers

A pair of Chinese blue and white export porcelain tea bowls and saucers, mid 18th century, (4 items),<br> ​the saucers 13.5cm diameter<br> <br> Est: $200 - $300

Pair of French field glasses

A pair of French field glasses in original leather case, late 19th century,<br> <br> Est: $80 - $120

Georgian Sheffield plate gambling beaker

A Georgian Sheffield plate gambling beaker adorned with George III pennies, base set with three wooden dice inside glass compartment, early 19th century, rare.<br> 17cm high<br> <br> Est: $350 - $450

W.M.F. German Art Nouveau silver plated tray

W.M.F. German Art Nouveau silver plated tray with female statue handle,<br> circa 1900, stamped "W.M.F.",<br> 20cm high, 33cm wide<br> <br> Est: $400 - $600

Continental portrait miniature

A Continental oval portrait miniature on porcelain in a piano ivory anf tortoiseshell frame, 19th/20th century,<br> ​14 x 12cm overall<br> <br> Est: $300 - $500

Spanish silver plated articulated fish statue

An impressive Spanish silver plated articulated fish statue, late 19th century,<br> ​45cm long<br> <br> Est: $400 - $600

Walnut Cased Mantel Clock

A walnut cased mantel clock in the form of a grandfather clock, most likely German,<br> late 19th century, <br> 31cm high<br> <br> Est: $120 - $200